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Health Care

The Rep Council voted on October 22 to establish a VTA Health Care Committee. The role of the committee will be to research alternative options and gather data that will help us make informed decisions about how we provide health care benefits to our members as we move forward. The committee will report to the Exec Board, Rep Council, and membership.

It will solicit input from members, and potentially put some choices to a vote that can be implemented through the negotiations’ process.  We are looking for members who represent the various types of coverage we now offer, in lieu of, single subscriber, subscriber plus one, subscriber plus two or more, as well as a range of new to veteran members to serve on the committee.

The responsibilities will include approximately one meeting per month plus some additional research, reporting, survey drafting, compiling of data etc. duties.  Alyson Brauning, our Vice President, will serve as committee chair and she may be reached at or

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Health Care meeting minutes from 2/12

Health Care meeting minutes from 3/18

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