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2020 Virtual RA Materials

Here’s the PowerPoint from the meeting this week.

FAQ’s about the 2020 Virtual RA

Delegate resources

General questions about the 2020 RA

Temporary standing rules for the 2020 RA

NEW – 2020-2022 Strategic Plan and Budget

NEW – NEA Financial Reports

Do you have any additional questions about the Virtual RA? Your next stop should be your NEA Director and your CTA Directors. Their contact information is listed below.

Elaine Merriweather, NEA Board District 2, 

Jerry Eaton, CTA Board District A,

Greg Bonaccorsi, CTA Board District B,

Hello NEA/RA Delegates,

Thank you to all of you who took the time to be on today’s NEA RA Orientation videoconference.  Thank you for your questions and you surely might have more, which is why I have included our emails above.  Remember the first meeting is the Tele Townhall on Monday, June 22nd.

During our videoconference, two (2) question areas seem to surface, one related to the NEA RA and the other not directly related.

So, let’s discuss the expense reimbursement process in general.  State Delegates (Those delegates elected through either Golden Gate or Redwood SCC) have their expenses reimbursed by CTA up to the approved amount, which varies annually depending upon the location of the NEA/RA.  Local delegates receive their reimbursement from the local chapter that elect them.  So, CTA would not be reimbursing any local delegates for child care.

At Representative Assemblies prior to March 2020, the National Education Association provided child care at a cost to the member.  Local delegates, would then submit that expense to their local chapter for reimbursement.  State Delegates would have submitted a Member Expense Statement to CTA for reimbursement.  It is beyond the author’s ability to know to what extent either of these reimbursements happened.

The situation with Representative Assemblies prior to March 2020, was that State and Local Delegates were in meetings from 7am to 7pm, in the California Caucus and on the RA Floor.  The business was intensive, with votes taking place constantly, necessitating constant delegate engagement.  This summer with the Virtual NEA/RA, the sessions are shorter: 

NEA/RA 4 hours

California Caucus 1 – 1.5 hours

NEA/RA Tele Townhall 1.5 hours

NEA Strategic Plan and Budget Hearing 1.5 hours

During these sessions, both your camera and microphone will be turned off. Nobody will see or hear you unless you make a specific request to speak and then your camera and mic will be turned on.  My hunch is that some of you will be connected with your tablets and ear buds, moving about the house doing laundry, ironing, playing Cookie Jam, etc., while others will be having “mini RA parties” with fellow delegates. 

Regardless of our feelings virtual reality for the world has become a way of life and has blurred the line between home and office.  It has been my great pleasure to meet many kids, small children, as well as, furry and feathered “office assistants.”  All have been welcomed and add a bit of warmth to this otherwise seemingly sterile environment.  Children always have been and always will be welcomed at the NEA/RA.

If we look at the time commitment for the NEA/RA prior to March 2020, we spent 100+hours just with meetings, pre-conferences and travel alone.  This year the NEA is only asking for a 25+ hour commitment, and that is only if you attend all sessions indicated in the Orientation PowerPoint, starting with the Tele Town Hall, Monday, June 22nd.

With your help, CTA has a chance not only to have one of the largest delegations but to break our own internal records as well.  We look forward to seeing at the NEA/RA.

A question was asked about how much CTA has “saved” by cancelling some and switching other conferences over to virtual.  I purposefully put the word “saved” in parenthesis because we have not saved anything, we have unexpectedly decreased our expenses in one area due to COVID19, and, unexpectedly increased our expenses in other areas (Retrofitting CTA HQ and CTA offices around the state so that they are COVID19 compliant, hiring an infectious disease expert to help with reopening of schools).  As we move through the summer and into the fall, we could very well incur more costs, fighting battles with public education opponents trying to take advantage of the pandemic situation.

Please rest assured, that we have always been transparent about dues dollars, which are our lifeblood.  There are multiple opportunities for the rank and file to participate in the CTA Budget and we encourage you all to do so.

Thank you all once again for taking the time out of your summer to represent CTA. See you all at the Tele Townhall on Monday.



Redwood Service Center Council Reimbursement Form

2019-2020 RSCC Scholarship Application Deadlines:

The dates for 2019-2020 are: 

October 5, 2019

January 11, 2020

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