VTA Rep Council Agenda – Tuesday 1/23/24 Time: 3:30-5:30pm

WCW Library (middle of campus, to the right of the office)

3:30pm-4:00pm: Elementary Site Rep Networking and Problem Solving

Main Meeting: 4:00pm

  1. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (LINK HERE)
  2. Approval of Agenda (with flexibility) of this meeting
  3. New and/or Continuing Business Items:
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Ariel Ray
    1. Approval of Treasurer’s Financial Report (LINK HERE)
  5. Bargaining Report: Megan Morris and Tracy Begley
  6. PAC Report (including Treasurer’s Report): Corey Penrose/Jennifer Dickinson (LINK HERE)
  7. President’s Report: Brenda Hensley
    1. Site Rep Resources: (LINK HERE)
    2. Updated Dates for Lunch Visits (see link above)
    3. Bylaws Update for Binder
    4. Member Benefits Overview (For your reference)
  8. Site Planning Time and Director Visit Scheduling
    1. Plan Slideshow
  9. Committee Information (in writing please):
    1. Grievance: Lisa Cusi (LINK HERE)
    2. Safety: Jaxie Murray (LINK HERE)
    3. New Educator: Rachel Bulris (LINK HERE)
    4. Membership Engagement: Alyson Brauning
      1. 2023 ME Site Visits – Google Sheets
      2. Lunch at sites ME.docx – Google Docs
      3. Membership Engagement Plan for Sites.docx – Google Docs
      4. Plan for Directors & Site Reps.docx – Google Docs
    5. Equity: Tricia Cowen (LINK HERE) 
    6. Action: Corey Penrose (LINK HERE)
    7. Labor Council Reps: Corey Penrose, Jennifer Dickinson, Alyson Brauning (LINK HERE)
    8. State Council: Keri Tafuro, Ariel Ray, Jennifer Dickinson (LINK HERE)
    9. Membership: Jax Stornetta (LINK HERE)
    10. Elections: Aaron Stephens (LINK HERE)
    11. Sick Leave Bank: Julie McGee (LINK HERE)
    12. SPED Quarterly Meeting Committee: Becky Wylie (LINK HERE)
  10. Raffle (must be present to win)
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