VTA Executive Board Agenda

Date:    1/9/24 Time: 4:00pm-5:30pm

  1. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (LINK HERE)
  2. Approval of Agenda (with flexibility) of this meeting
  3. Shout Outs & Successes
  4. New and/or Continuing Business Items
  5. President’s Report: Brenda Hensley
    1. Safety Committee
    2. Other ideas for January Rep Council
  6. Treasurer’s Report: Ariel Ray
    1. Approval of Treasurer’s Financial Report (LINK HERE)
    2. Information only: Check Detail
  7. Bargaining Report: Megan Morris and Tracy Begley
  8. PAC Report: Corey Penrose and Jennifer Dickinson
    1. Approval of PAC Treasurer’s Financial Report (LINK HERE)
  9. Committee Information (in writing please)
    1. Grievance: Lisa Cusi (LINK HERE)
    2. New Educator: Rachel Bulris (LINK HERE)
    3. Membership Engagement: Alyson Brauning (Membership Engagement Plan for Sites.docx – Google Docs)  Plan for Directors & Site Reps.docx – Google Docs
      1. 2023 ME Site Visits – Google Sheets
      2. Lunch at sites ME.docx – Google Docs
      3. Membership Engagement Plan for Sites.docx – Google Docs
      4. Plan for Directors & Site Reps.docx – Google Docs
      5. 2023-2024 – Google Drive
    4. Equity: Tricia Cowen Equity Team 2023-2024 – Google Docs
    5. Action: Corey Penrose (LINK HERE)
    6. Labor Council Reps: Corey Penrose, Jennifer Dickinson, Alyson Brauning         (REPORT HERE)
    7. State Council: Keri Tafuro, Ariel Ray, Jennifer Dickinson (LINK HERE)
    8. Membership: Jax Stornetta (LINK HERE
    9. Elections: Aaron Stephens (LINK HERE)
    10. Sick Leave Bank: Julie McGee (LINK HERE)
    11. SPED Quarterly Meeting Committee: Becky Wylie (LINK HERE)
  10. Other?
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