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Member Engagement

Membership Engagement Plan for Sites 2019 – 2020

Event #1                                                         Messaging

Donuts and Coffee                                          Welcome to VTA

                                                                        Offer members a VTA button – We are VTA

                                                                        Share upcoming VTA events

Site reps will sign up at August rep council meeting.  Please choose a location convenient to your VTA members. This will be a joint ME event between site and ME team.  VTA ME will pay for this.  It will not come out of your site funds.

*Site rep will need to keep track of who shows up.  Please send Alyson Brauning the total number.

Event #2                                                         Messaging

Potluck at lunch**                                          Share why VTA membership is important to you

                                                                        Share upcoming VTA events

Do not assign meals or have members sign up for a specific meal.  Just let members know what date there will be a potluck and where (check date with administration calendar first).  Let members know that you will use site funds to provide paper goods.  Members can choose what they want to bring and add it to a blank poster so others don’t duplicate meals.

*Send thank you after to admin. for supporting, staff for participating, and custodians for helping to clean up.

*Don’t exclude admin and support staff if they want to participate.

*Site rep will need to keep track of who shows up.  Please send Alyson Brauning the total number.

**If your site has a special activity that is NOT a potluck then do that.  The idea is member engagement and to continue the positive messaging around why VTA membership is important to you and to share upcoming VTA events.

Event #3                                                         Messaging

Site decides                                                     Our members matter!

                                                                        We are the union

Let the members at your site decide on this event.  Let them know how much site funds are left and let them decide what they want and when.  *Give parameters.

Get volunteers to help!

If admin and support staff want to participate – great!  They can join in on the planning, volunteering, and funding.


Pancake breakfast for staff                                                    Lunch BBQ for staff

Pizza at lunch                                                                          Potlucks at lunch – 1x/month

Sandwiches for members at lunch                                          Catered lunch

Nacho bar at lunch or after school or for staff meeting         Painting or Pottery downtown

*Member Engagements events DO NOT have to take place at your site.  You can do them off campus if that is what your members want.

*Always keep track of who shows up – the repeaters are your future volunteers J

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