Last Friday a parent of 2 of our students was killed while trying to help a woman out of her car after an accident on I-80…

…So many parents and staff have asked how we can help this young family. Vacaville has a reputation of taking care of their own, so if you’d like to help out there are two ways to do so.

  • The first way to help is to donate money. There is an account set up at Travis Credit Union. Simply tell them you would like to donate to the Spencer Myers Memorial Fund.
  • The other way is to donate a gift card in any amount. We are collecting gift cards from Target, Wal-Mart, Lucky’s, WinCo, Safeway or Fresh and Easy. Simply place a gift card in an envelope marked Myers Family and drop off at the office.

Any monetary or gift card donation would truly help this grieving family. Our hearts go out to the Myers family and friends. Thank you to all of you who have already donated.

Cathy Bozzini Principal

Callison Elementary School

6261 Vanden Road

Vacaville, CA


Here are the VTA officers and directors for the next term beginning June 16, 2013.

Thanks to all of the candidates who ran in this election and to all of you who voted. Here are the VTA officers and directors for the next term beginning June 16, 2013.


Moira McSweeney


Alyson Brauning


Brenda Hensley


Corey Penrose


Aja Cook


VHS/CHS/Elm: Julie Timmerman Rodrigues

WCW/BHCS: Todd Blanset

Jepson Middle School: To Be Determined

Vaca Pena Middle School: Ginny Miller

Elementary School/ESC Directors: Stephanie Munzinger
Dawn Kelly:
Sharon Riehl
Judy Schneider
Sylvia Shepard

Bargaining update #3

The VTA and VUSD teams met on April 19, 2012 for three hours.

VTA: Brenda Hensley, Kent Puddy, Kim Campbell, Gary Masterson, Todd Blanset, Lynne Grow & Moira McSweeney
VUSD: Randy Henry, Ed Santopadre, David Robertson Christie Cochran, & Kari Sousa

The District provided a calculation of $407,002.81 as the cost of 1% for VTA.

VTA and the District each proposed three articles.

The DISTRICT proposed:

6.2.8 Emergency Leave

A maximum of three (3) days of emergency leave with pay may be granted each year after all available leaves have been exhausted. Requests for such leave shall be made through the principal. The final decision to grant emergency leave rests with the District Human Resources Administrator. Leave granted under this provision is not cumulative from year to year.

6.2.2 Personal Option Leave (POL) The personal option leave permits the member to use a total of three (3) days. Three (3) days of the personal leave may include family related matters that occur during the workday. These three (3) days may not be used for other employment, withholding of services or activities normally considered to be related to recreation or vacation. Personal option leave days may not be accumulated and/or carried over from year to year. An additional two extra personal option leave days may be used for professional growth to attend conferences, travel/study programs or other professional activities.

10.5.2 Any such method must incorporate the most current version of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).

(the District also proposed forms showing the change in standards. The current CSTP can be found at: )

VTA proposed:

3.2.4 Psychologists, Counselors, Coordinators, Nurses, Librarians, Program Specialists, Digital Technology Specialists, Speech Therapist and Content Area Specialists may, upon verification of extra hours worked beyond the contracted workday, qualify for compensatory time off from their respective duties if: the unit member obtains prior approval of his or her supervisor to work the extra hours, or The unit member is required by his or her supervisor to work extra hours and the extra hours worked are devoted to completing one’s regular daily duties, as opposed to adjunct duties and other required meetings as per the contract between the District and the Vacaville Teachers’ Association. Compensatory time shall be earned at the rate of one hour for each extra hour worked. Compensatory time accrued shall not be utilized in blocks of time greater than two (2) workdays. Compensatory time off shall be scheduled at a time mutually acceptable to the unit member and his/her supervisor. Compensatory time off shall be taken prior to the end of the school year during which it was earned or the unit member shall receive monetary compensation for the unused time at the hourly rate of pay.

4.8 The instructional minutes for Wednesdays at all sites shall not exceed the 2010-11 levels.

4.3.1 The non-pupil workdays of each unit member’s contract year shall be limited in their structure. These days shall be unencumbered, except for three (3) hours at the beginning of the school year, to prepare for the upcoming school year and/or completing the responsibilities for ending the school year.

Our next bargaining sessions are set for 4/30 and 5/3.

Exec Board Agenda for April 23, 2013

Exec Board Agenda

April 23, 2013

Cooper School library 3:30 P.M



1)    – Approval of the minutes


2)    – Approval of the agenda


* Bargaining (Brenda Hensley)


3)    – President’s Report


4)    -Treasurer’s Report


5)    -Chair Reports


Action (Corey Penrose)

Human Rights (Alyson Brauning)

Women’s Issues (Tricia Cowen)

Grievance (Sylvia Aquino)

PAC ( Dawn Kelly)

Special Ed ( Tammy Parker)

Membership ( Julie Timmerman)


6)    –Business


7)  -Other


8)  -Adjournment

Just a reminder…


… that VTA officer and director/ State Council Rep elections will be held at sites through Thursday morning, April 18th .Please contact your Site Rep to cast your vote.

VTA regrets the error on the ballot that included Gary Eisenberg as a candidate for the elementary director position after he had respectfully declined the nomination. Gary has previously served for two years on Exec Board and simply chooses not to do so at this time. We apologize for the confusion.

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