End of the year VTA update from the President!

  • Negotiations for the 2013-14 contract will continue over the summer. The passage of the state and district budget in late June should give us a better picture of the financial situation which will guide bargaining. Check the vacateachers.org website in the later part of July for updates. We hope to have a tentative agreement ready to put forth to membership by the start of the new school year.
  • The Elementary Prep MOU has been signed and is posted on the website. Much is the same as the current MOU.

-it is a two year MOU, sunsetting June 30, 2015

-three (3) minimum days have been added each year for completing report cards and conducting conferences

-no Wednesday collaboration is scheduled for the Wednesday of the first full week of instruction or on Wednesdays prior to progress reports or report cards being due

-there is full P.E. prep during conference weeks and the week before Christmas break

-the P.E. prep for grades 1-3 is increased from 40 to 50 minutes

  • Remember to get your name on the voluntary transfer list if you are interested in being considered for vacancies that open over the summer. Check the VUSD website or get on the district’s distribution list to get emails with updates on openings throughout the break.

Have a great summer break!

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