February 2018 Educator of the month Mike Vanhoy!

#1-Why am I an educator?

I relish the opportunity to make a positive difference in this world by working directly with the future…our kids.It is my mission to help students find the relevance of academics in their lives,and the necessity of developing solid character traits-like a strong work ethic,grit,positive habits and attitudes,and especially the power and wisdom of respect.Helping young people learn to make a better future for themselves can only help make a better future for all of us.

#2-What do I enjoy most about my career?

There are many things I truly love about my career as a teacher,and most of them are directly related to the young people who flow through my classroom.However,knowing that what I do is truly important for each of these precious children (and for our culture at large) is what gives me the greatest joy.

How could you not take the futures of our students seriously?Oh yeah…I am NEVER bored!

#3-Years spent in the profession/district?

This is my 31st year with VUSD,if you count student teaching,and all 31 years have been right here at Markham-my second home!

#4-What do I do in my spare/free time?

I’m basically a “stick-in-the-mud” person…quite content with spending most of my time at home with my family.I love to watch my daughter,Lilly,compete in volleyball and swimming,and just be with her.I love weekend excursions with my lovely wife.I enjoy bowling on the teacher’s bowling league every Friday.I love to throw frisbees,play chess,and play scrabble with my friends.And I love to eat good food!

#5-What does being a member of the VTA mean to me?

VTA is a powerful, no-nonsense organization that understands the issues and challenges of teaching,and has the contractual expertise,the moral courage,and the legal clout to ensure that all teachers are treated fairly.Thank you!

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