Health Care Premiums for 2015

2013-14 Health Audit & 2015 VTA Health rates

Agreement on the 2013-14 VTA Health expenditure numbers has been reached.   The audit process resulted in a savings to VTA of $41,539 from the original District numbers for 2013-14. This audit reduced the overall Health shortfall to $63,275. (This amount is within 0.9% of the predicted expenditure amount.)

The reasons for yearly overages/shortfalls:

  1. Rates set and used for entire calendar year.
  2. Decrease/increase in the number of VTA members between the parts of two school years.
  3. Members changing plans during the calendar year.

The 2015 VTA member health care rates have been calculated. Items impacting these rate changes.

  1. Plan costs for Kaiser (the most used plan) decreased.
  2. Plan costs for the Dental plan decreased.
  3. Plan costs for the Vision plan increased.
  4. Total number of members using the health cap increased.
  5. Change in the CalPers area designation (Yolo County from Bay Area to Sacramento Area).
  6. Membership shifting to cheaper plans. (Blue Shield participation down from 105 to 57 members)
  7. Members opting for the in-lieu option increased.

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