January 2020 State Council Report

Schools and Communities First – Council attendees were reminded that this proposed initiative, which would return nearly 12 billion dollars to public schools, is behind on signature gathering.  Members are, therefore, encouraged to be sure to keep collecting signatures to ensure that California voters will have the chance to decide on this initiate in November.  For more information go herefor a presentation you can share with your members during a ten minute meeting go here.  

NBI 1/20-2 – As directed by the Vacaville Teachers Association, we carried the following New Buisness Item forwards: 

Explore the feasibility of legislation removing the six-month moratorium on working for any school district in California after returning from STRS.  One of the locals we represent is having a severe sub shortage. The district in question has retirees who are not allowed to fill those positions for six months. Allowing retirees to sub right away would help to alleviate the sub shortage, hence the request from the local. 

The Retirement Committee has asked staff to research the legality of the NBI, and staff will report back to the committee at the next meeting.  If you, or your local, would like to have an idea carried to State Council, please contact your reps Melissa Phillips, Alyson Brauning and Corey Penrose. 

Understanding Teacher Shortages in California -This new tool, developed by the Learning Policy Institute, provides detailed information on current and anticipated shortages by school district and counties. The map can be a useful tool in advocating for support and resources to remedy specific needs in a district. You can access the map here.   

Retirement information – Many members in this area are contemplating retiring this year.   Please check out these useful resources, provided by the retirement committee.  

Source 1  

Source 2  

Source 3 

Endorsements and other political issues – We met with Bill Dodd, Jim Fraizer, and Cecilia Aguilar-Curry and recommonded that all of those canidates receive the full endorsement and support of the California Teachers Association, recommendations which were approved on the floor of council.  We are also pursuing legislation amending CA Ed Code 1006 (a) to include educators who work and reside within the boundaries of a given county as eligible participants in County Office of Education elections. 

NEA RA 2020 – is in Atlanta, GA. Declaration for candidacy for state delegates are due January 31, 2020. Local and state delegate positions are open. Go here for more information. 

Respectfully submitted, Corey Penrose 

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