Kids, not profits!

NOTE – this would not affect our charter schools Buckingham, Fairmont, ACE and Ernest Kimme!

A coalition of education, civil rights, and community organizations are working to ensure all charter schools are held to the same standards of accountability and transparency as regular public schools and that they admit all children.

 Join this effort by asking Governor Brown to sign AB 709. 

AB 709 requires all charter schools to be transparent and accountable to parents and to disclose how they spend taxpayer money, including budgets and contracts. It prohibits charter school board members and their families from profiting from their schools, and requires charter schools to comply with California’s open meetings, open records and conflict of interest laws.    

Click here to send a letter to Governor asking him to sign  AB 709 into law!

The coalition also supported SB 322, which would end the discriminatory admission practices in place at many charter schools. The bill would end the common practice of charters cherry-picking the students they want and turning away students that need extra help, such as special education students, English learners or students with low academic performance. It also ensures uniform disciplinary actions for all students, by requiring charter schools to identify a list of acts for which students can be suspended or expelled, as well as setting a maximum length for suspensions. SB 322 died on the Assembly floor in the closing days of the legislative session.

You can also support Kids Not Profits by signing the petition to the right, calling for higher standards and accountability for charters.

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