Know Your Contract: Personal leave and Personal Option Leave:

6.2.1 Personal Leave (PL) A unit member may use his/her accumulated personal leave for the following reasons:  Illness Death, accident involving person or property, or illness in a unit member’s family. This may include, but is not limited to: spouse; children; parents; sibling; grandparents; grandchildren; mother-in-law or father- in-law; daughter-in-law or son-in-law; or any relative or dependent residing in the unit member’s immediate household. Appearance in court as a litigant. Observance of religious holidays. The unit member shall not be required to secure advance permission for use of personal leave.

  1. 6.2.2  Personal Option Leave (POL)

    1.  Unit members may use up to three (3) days per year of Personal Leave accumulated under Article 6.1 as Personal Option Leave. Unit members who have exhausted their balance of Personal Leave granted under Article 6.1 are not eligible for Personal Option Leave. Personal Option Leave days may not be accumulated and/or carried over from year to year.

    2.  Person Option Leave may be used for personal necessities including family related matters that occur during the workday or professional growth to attend conferences, travel/study programs, or other professional activities. Personal Option Leave may not be used for other employment, withholding of services or activities normally considered to be related to recreation or vacation.

    3.  A fourth and fifth day of Personal Option Leave may be taken annually from accumulated Personal Leave and must be utilized for the purpose of participation in professional development activities that are directly related to the unit member’s current or future assignment(s), credential(s) and/or degree(s). A unit member must provide notice to, but not have to get approval from, his/her administrator for the use of these two (2) Personal Option Leave days. 

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