Members Suffering Storm and Flooding Destruction May be Eligible for CTA Disaster Relief Fund Grants

Throughout the state, several areas have been pummeled with storms and this is causing destruction and disruption to many members. Please make your members who have suffered significant losses to their primary residences or classrooms aware of the CTA Disaster Relief Fund and how to apply for these grants. 

Below is a summary of the eligibility requirements and each of the grants available. To get additional information on grant qualification requirements, click on the four grants below or go to Attached is the Disaster Relief Fund brochure and application. The CTA Member Benefits Smartphone App also includes information about this fund and an application. Once the application is completed, it must be submitted to the member’s Chapter President for approval and submission.


Grants are available for CTA Active, Student, or CTA/NEA-Retired members who are either:

Residents in any city or county declared by the State of California to have been subject to a natural disaster;

Residents of a dwelling declared unsafe to occupy by city or county officials due to a disaster, with such declaration free of negligence on the part of the member; or

Classroom members at a school site where the member, student(s) and/or the site have experienced losses due to natural disaster. This “School Site Grant” is to help allay the costs resulting from the loss of personal classroom materials.

The CTA Disaster Relief Fund provides four different grants summarized below:

Standard: Up to $1,500 for significant economic hardship related to damage to the member’s primary residence, displacement, or disruption in required utilities;

Catastrophic: Recipients of the Standard Grant may be eligible for up to another $1,500 if damages exceed $50,000;

Temporary: Up to $500 may be available for members who are displaced from their primary residence as the result of a disaster, but do not meet all the requirements for a Standard Grant; and

School Site: Up to $500 for personal losses due to damage to their classrooms.

Please contact the FACT Foundation at (800) 233-3709 or the Member Benefits Department at 650-552-5200 and if you have questions..

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