Reporter Article: “Will C. Wood Black History Month Banners Expand”

Happy Friday Folks-

Just wanted to share this article that was in this morning’s Vacaville Reporter newspaper.

Jared has done a simply outstanding job leading and guiding our students through this project. The students have been amazing, and the additions to the project this year are fantastic. Although there has been a little controversy, Jared and the students have responded well to the feedback (which has been overwhelmingly positive!). The few negative comments with regard to a couple of the images, were taken in stride, and the concerns were heard and led the students to create more banners to tell a fuller story. Ultimately this project is about our students using arty and imagery to tell a complex and complicated story about African American History and the civil rights struggle that has been taking place in this country since enslaved people were first brought to this continent from Africa 400 years ago. The images displayed are not advocating for any particular or political view, and when viewed as a whole, do an amazing job telling that story.

The story will continue to expand as well as new figures are being worked up now. Join me in commending Jared and the students of Will C. Wood for this amazing project. Here are some sample emails and quotations below that we’ve received from the community, along with about 2 dozen supportive phone calls to the office. Enjoy and have a great day everyone!

“Thank you for the Black History month tribute. It is of the upmost importance that the United States acknowledges the contributions and value of African Americans. We must continue to show our students that racism and prejudice will never be acceptable and that is a top value that successful and great citizens/people uphold. Thank you!”

“Just a quick note to say how much the (name removed) family loves the Black history month banners that are displayed at the stadium this year! While our children can’t be in your classrooms right now, we find it very comforting that important celebrations are still being honored! Goooooo Wildcats!”

“I hope this finds you well in ¬†this very difficult time. I can’t even ¬†imagine how hard it must be for you and staff to try to navigate these stormy seas, and I appreciate all you do. I’m writing in support of the AMAZING student-created Black History Month tribute tarps hanging from the Wildcat Stadium. Leave them up! They send an important message of support to our kids and the community”

“Hello, I just wanted to take a moment to applaud you and the students of Will C. Wood for displaying such a beautiful and proud reminder of Black History Month. I drove by it today and got tears in my eyes. It means so much to the community to see things like this. Thank you for being a great example to the rest of the City!”

“I just wanted to take this time to express my appreciation of the banners displayed on the football stadium at Will C. Wood High School. My wife and I moved our family to Vacaville in 2004 when we purchased our second home across from WCW. Both our daughter and nephew attended Wood. This is the first time I have ever known of any public display or factual reference to Black History…. It may be the first time young people ask, or parents have to educate their own children on who these people are and their impact on our society…I am proud of the young people who had the common sense and courage to do what should have been do so long ago. As a human being, and a grandfather, I will have the opportunity to tell my grandson about this day and about this time. I then, will hopefully become an ancestor to a beautiful movement.” (Edited for length)

Adam Rich
Will C. Wood High School

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