Special Election!

Due to a change in the by laws, we are holding an Election for additional VTA  Directors.  Attached are both the Declaration of Candidacy form and a list of roles and responsibilities for the position.  If you would like to run for one of these positions, please complete the form and email to me at tracys@vacavilleusd.org or deliver it to Willis Jepson.

The deadline for submitting the Declaration of Candidacy form is September 7, 2017 at 5 P.M.

Below is the timeline for this election.

September 7: final date to turn in declaration of candidacy
September 12: election materials handed out to reps

September 13-25: Voting at sites

September 25/26: results

IX. EXECUTIVE BOARD A. The Executive Board shall be composed of the Officers, the state council representatives (as long as the state council representative is an Active member of VTA), the past president, seven (7) at large elementary directors, two (2) middle school directors (one from each middle school) , two (2) high school directors to represent Will C. Wood high School, Buckingham High School and Kimme Independent Charter Academy, and two (2) high school directors to represent Vacaville High School, Country High School and the ESC. Chairs of the committees may attend Executive Board meetings for the purpose of reporting committee activities. Chairs of committees (i.e., grievance chair, bargaining chair, etc.) are not voting  members of Executive Board, unless they simultaneously hold a position with voting rights.
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