The report from your CTA director, Jerry Eaton!

March 2016               Vol. No. 2              Issue No. 8
The CEHCPA is a 12-year extension of the increased income taxes in Prop. 30 for individuals who make over $250,000 a year, which would otherwise expire in 2018. It does not include an extension of the regressive sales tax increase that was part of the original initiative. Prop. 30 got us out of a cycle of layoffs and furlough days and brought hundreds of millions of dollars into LAUSD and school districts across the state.


The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS)  is a national alliance of parent, youth and community organizations and labor groups fighting for educational justice and equity in access to school resources and opportunities. Together, we represent all students, particularly those from low-income and working-class communities and neighborhoods of color.

If your chapter would like to participate in the May 4th Walk-Ins, please contact me as there are chapter leaders will to share in person or on the phone their experiences with the February 17th Walk-In.  There will also be a meeting at April State Council to discuss and answer questions regarding the May 4th Walk-In.

For more information about AROS and the “walk-ins” please use the following link AROS Resource Page

The Ethnic Minority Early Identification & Development program or EMEID for short, gives our ethnic minority members exposure to CTA leadership, State Council, Summer Institute, a full year of training and discovery.  Members can self-identify or be identified by others.  Applications close May 4, 2016.

Fact Finding results released March 28th are favorable to California Faculty Association.  Thus, if no tentative agreement is reached, members of the California Faculty Association will be on strike at campuses throughout the state April 13th-15th (Wednesday – Friday) and April 18th – 19th (Monday and Tuesday).

The Grassroots Lobbying Program is a local advocacy program in which members meet with legislators to work on education policy that supports California public schools.  Region 1 is still accepting applications to the program.  Please click on the following link Questionnaire Form ,download and fill in the questionnaire and then print it out.  Please send the completed questionnaire to Erica Kawasaki at 

Board/Action News

We heard reports on:

  • Children’s Education and Healthcare Protection Act 2016
  • Obama Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Gaarland
  • Representation Committee’s recommendation for new NEA Director

We took action to approve:

  • State Council NBI Referral Status Update
  • State Council NBI Disposition
  • Upper Lake Educators Association new charter #1463, combining North Shore Teachers Association chapter #229 and Upper Lake High School Teachers Association charter #1463
  • Upper Lake Educators Association bylaws
  • Recommendation to State Council that a new At-Large NEA Director position be created
  • New process for reporting out NBIs referred to the CTA Board of Directors

A Word From the Director

We need to reach back and remember the serious education funding shortfall created by the 2008 economic downturn, the dramatic cuts made to schools statewide and the loss of membership from 2008 to 2012.  Let’s also remember the effort put forth by the CTA membership in 2012 to pass Prop 30 and now we are faced with losing the valuable funding which it has provided.  You circulated petitions, walked precincts, called voters and participated in Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities statewide.  Now, we ask you to gather signatures on the petitions for the Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act of 2016 which will provide $8-11 billion per year starting in 2019 until 2030.

My challenge to every member in District A is to sign a petition and get one family member and one friend to sign as well.  If the 300,000 members of CTA were to complete this simple ask CTA would potentially have 900,000 signatures, well over its goal of 850.000.

Department Report Highlights

(Click on links for full report)

The Political Report contains highlights of the Democratic Convention with endorsement and positions taken, information on the CEHCP Act of 2016.  There is also information on CTA Sponsored legislation and a status update.

Favorable settlement reached in an EERA case alleging retaliatory transfer, CTA to appeal ALJ’s proposed decision dismissing retaliation complaint in Preach termination.  Court of Appeal heard oral arguments on Vergara v. State of California, CTA filed Amicus Brief in Anaheim Parent Trigger Case  We also heard a discussion regarding Obama’s new Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland.

Heard a report on the Region 1 Organizing Academy and the North/Central Political Academy.  Membership Engagement Training and Planning were held at the Cordelia RRC and King High School in Davis for chapters between Vallejo EA and Washington TA along the I-80 corridor.

Please read materials which are linked but not in the TIDD Summary Report. At Stanford on May 7 a session on Exploring Teacher Leadershipwill be held. See flyer for more information. The final QEIA report is included. Even if you don’t read the whole report, read the pages on lessons learned for some ideas for LCAP and what makes a good administrator if there are admin issues in your district. CTA’s work on Restorative Justice with the CA Endowment  is included as well. A report on best practices and update are well worth the read. Letter written to State Board of Education on CASPP RulemakingComprehensive K-12 Assessment System and LCFF Rule Making.

CTA’s current financial position is stable with a strong reserve.

District A Scholarships, Grants & Appointments


  • IFT strength-based, teachers-driven educator grants (up to $5,000) and impact grants (up to $20,000) apply at Institute for Teaching


  • Doreen McGuire-Grigg:  Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Gold Gala and White House Summit 

Calendar of Events

  • State Council, April 8-10, Los Angeles
  • Good Teaching Conference (North), April 15-17, San Jose
  • IFT Grant visit to Foxboro Elementary School in Vacaville at 1:30pm, April 20th
  • Golden Gate Service Center EMAC Academy, April 22-23, Burlingame
  • President’s Lobby Day, May 24th
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