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Vacaville Teacher Association Calendar of Events

Feb 20

Announcement: Take the Pledge: A Call to Action for the Public Education ALL California’s Students Deserve

Take the pledge today!


Public education is the foundation of our 21st-century democracy. Social justice for all begins with a quality, free public education. Our public schools are where our students come to be educated in the fullest sense of that word, including as citizens of this great country. As educators, we strive every day to make every public school and college a place where we prepare the nation’s young people to contribute to our society, economy and citizenry.

California must continue to lead the nation. The 325,000 members of the California Teachers Association and the 120,000 members of the California Federation of Teachers are committed to making sure all California’s students get the public education they deserve. We ask all Californians, including elected leaders regardless of party affiliation, to join us in supporting a strong, inclusive, safe and innovative public education system that ensures all students can succeed, regardless of their ZIP code. Our public schools must remain centers of our communities, and not become corporate profit centers. We hold these values because all children, regardless of family circumstances, where they live, where they were born, how they look, who they love or the language they speak have the right to a public education that helps them reach their full potential.

WHEREAS, the promise of a free, universal and quality public education system is the foundation of our 21st-century democratic society, a civil right and the cornerstone of California’s economy;

WHEREAS, California established its system of free, universal public education open to all children in 1866 and now educates more than 9 million students in our schools and colleges, or one in eight children in America;

WHEREAS, California has always strived for and deserves a quality, inclusive, safe and innovative public education system that ensures all students can succeed, regardless of their ZIP code, the color of their skin, their native language, their gender or gender identity, their immigration status, their religion, who they love, or their social standing;

WHEREAS, all students and educators deserve safe learning and teaching environments, and the right to attend school free of fear, bullying and discrimination;

WHEREAS, California has always been a place for DREAMers and supports safe-haven schools and sanctuary cities that reflect and embrace the diversity of our students and their families, as well as the rich language and cultural assets they bring to our communities;

WHEREAS, all California kids deserve access to high-quality early childhood education;

WHEREAS, all students deserve access to affordable college and have access to career and technical training programs that will prepare them for the workforce;

WHEREAS, smaller class sizes significantly improve student learning – particularly for ethnic minority students and English learners; give educators more time to provide one-on-one instruction, and allow for more communication between teachers and families;

WHEREAS, all students deserve a well-rounded education – ensuring that students and schools have access to multi-cultural education, art, music, theater, dance, physical education, and career-technical classes;

WHEREAS, California supports learning over testing and is leading efforts to build a statewide school accountability system that gets beyond standardized test scores to include multiple measures of student and school success;

WHEREAS, adequate health care, including eye and dental care, is essential to ensuring kids come to school ready to learn;

WHEREAS, parent, family and community engagement are an integral part of a child’s education and are critical to developing a shared vision for student learning;

WHEREAS, education professionals are deeply committed to the success of every student and should be recognized as the experts they are, deserving of academic freedom, time to collaborate with their colleagues, shared decision-making to determine the most effective teaching methods, curriculum, assessment and evaluation systems, and competitive salaries comparable to other professions to attract and retain quality educators for students;

WHEREAS, all schools need adequate counselors, nurses and other education support professionals to help meet the needs of all children. Free and reduced-priced meal programs and free transportation must also be available to all students who need them;

WHEREAS, California law supports collective bargaining rights for education employees as educators should be able to advocate for their students, have a say about their futures and the right to negotiate together for safe working conditions and wages that can sustain their families;

WHEREAS, California has led efforts to bring equity to its school funding system and must adequately fund education to climb out of ranking 46th in per-pupil funding, which is $3,462 below the national average;

WHEREAS, public schools should serve as centers of the community, not profit centers with taxpayer dollars diverted to private voucher schemes and unaccountable corporate charter schools;

AND WHEREAS, supporting quality public schools and colleges is about building the futures of all of California’s children, building stronger local communities and building a better California for all of us.    

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that educators and all public education supporters affirm their commitment to these values and rise up to protect students and their families, public schools and colleges, the teaching profession and our communities from any policies that would undermine these values;

BE IT RESOLVED that educators and all public education supporters across California vow to call on federal, state and local lawmakers to advocate for the public education all California’s students deserve;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that educators and all public education supporters will encourage local school districts, college districts and city councils to pass similar resolutions to keep our public schools public and demand the public education that all California’s students deserve.

Feb 17

Announcement: Save the date – Redwood Educators Conference







Feb 17

Announcement: Would you like to secure your future? Start here! RSVP by March 14th!

Session 1: STRS, You and Your Future – Tuesday, March 21st

What you’ll learn:

This session will demystify the benefits of the CalSTRS retirement system. Information will be presented on the defined benefit (DB) plan (3 magic numbers), the defined benefit supplement (DBS) plan (hard cash in YOUR account), recent legislative changes, Medicare and Social Security will all be addressed. Do you have questions? Our experts have answers! This session provides important information and resources for planning for retirement at any stage of your career.


Session 2: Retirement Savings Made Easy – Tuesday, April 11th

What you’ll learn:

CTA Member Benefits will explain the importance of supplementing your pension benefits and provide an introduction to several basic retirement investment principles. The session will cover 403(b) and 457 plans, product offerings, and plan fee information. We’ll talk about how you can protect your interests when selecting investment advisors and products. We will distribute and discuss numerous CTA resources that have been designed to help you make important investment decisions.  The new CTA Retirement Savings Plan, which was designed with members’ interests in mind, will also be featured.

 To RSVP please visit


by Tuesday, March 14th.

Feb 18

Congratulations to our March member of the month, Holly Wudel!



Why did I become a teacher? To have the privilege of helping children learn and grow. I work hard to empower each and every student so that they feel they are valuable, important and that they matter. My hope is that by the time they leave me, and head off to Jr. High that they have the tools within them to be the change they wish to see in the world.

My favorite part about teaching are the connections made. Not just academic connections…although those are fabulous…but rather, connections of the heart.   It’s truly an honor to give students the one gift that no one can take away…knowledge.

In my free time, I enjoy being with my family, (Mark, Carly and Michael) as well as spending time at the beach.

Some fun facts about me: I’m a product of Vacaville Unified…I attended Alamo, Markham, Jepson, and graduated from high school in 1983. Over the past year, I’ve lost 95 pounds and feel like a new person!

Being a member of VTA means that I’m in good company. I appreciate the dedication of all of my colleagues around the district who are working hard in many capacities on behalf of our kids.

Feb 18

Vacaville High School January Tireless Teacher

Do you have an award like this at your site?  Would you like it shared here?  Email the details, and a picture, to Corey Penrose!

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