November 2020 Endorsements

After extensive interviews with every Vacaville School board candidate, most of the candidates for the Solano County Board of Education, and many candidates for the Vacaville City Council, the Vacaville Teachers Association is proud to share these endorsements with the community we serve.

We’d like to thank every candidate seeking our endorsement for taking the time to interview with us and we look forward to continuing the rewarding dialogue we started during this election about something we all care deeply about, the education of all of Vacaville’s children.

Areas 2 and 4 for the Vacaville School Board and area 4 for the County Board of Education will not be appearing on the ballot, so no campaign sites are available.

Please consider the rest of the Union Endorsements for Napa and Solano Counties when you cast your vote. Click here to see them.

In addition, CTA has provided an online, personalized voting guide. Click here to see it.

Vacaville School Board – click on the blue links to learn more about the candidates!

Area 2 – Daniel Santellan 

Area 4 – Cecil Conley

Area 6 – Kelly Welsh 

Area 7 – Michael Kitzes 

Solano County Board of Education – click on the blue link to learn more about the candidate!

Area 2 – Dr. Bonnie Hamilton

Area 4 – Teresa Lavell 

Vacaville City Council – click on the blue link to learn more about the canidate!

District 3 – Michael Silva

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Yes on Prop 15, No on Prop 22!

Prop 15: Schools & Communities First will ensure that our schools & communities DO come first with enough resources to truly educate all of our kids and services to support all of our families. 

  • RECLAIMS $12 billion every year to fund neighborhood schools and strengthen local economies to lift up all Californians.
  • CLOSES commercial property tax loopholes and ends shady schemes that big corporations and wealthy investors use to avoid paying their fair share of property taxes.
  • PROTECTS all homeowners & renters by maintaining tax protections for ALL residential property.
  • LEVELS the playing field for businesses that already pay their fair share.
  • EXEMPTS smaller businesses valued at under $3 million.
  • EXEMPTS all agricultural land.

YES on 15 would mean an additional investment of $6,915,000 in VUSD students’ education every year! This could be negotiated by VTA for professional pay, smaller class sizes, more resources & supports, etc. and could prevent potential layoffs and drastic cuts during the economic recovery.  

Can we count on you to stand together with other VTA/CTA members for our students and their future? 

Commit today at 
 Follow the campaign on social media (@Schools1stCA) 

You can get more information and initiative resources at and at 

Action Alert!

Hello everyone.

I know there are a lot of emails going around but we think that this is an important time to send out this request. The district and board are negotiating plans for returning to schools safely. We have also been in contact with CTA and have asked about what next steps we can take during this process, including the possibility of starting an email campaign to members of the School Board and District Superintendents. CTA gave us ideas for the most effective form of email communication. I am including it below. We are asking you to participate in an email campaign to our board members and district superintendents.

Please note that this is intended for everyone, whether you don’t think the schools are ready to reopen safely, or you think that the schools should open fully. I’ve said this in the past, and will say it again, your voice matters.  I am including an email list of board members and district superintendents, along with a template that you can use.

We want this email campaign to be student centric.  This means that we should focus on the health and safety of students as the core of our messages.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express the concerns for yourselves and your families as well.  Each message should be personally tailored to your concerns, but with a student centered focus in mind. Try to keep messages short and sweet, think about ways to maybe bullet point your concerns. We can not guarantee that the board members will read entire emails.   Here are some example email starters as recommended by our CTA representative:

“I love my students and want nothing more than to return to the classroom for in-person instruction when it’s safe for students, teachers, and our community!”

“Our students deserve the best. Rushing back to in-person while there’s still significant community spread will put our students and their families at risk.”

“I’m worried about the health and safety of our most vulnerable students and families and my fellow educators and their families.”

I am attaching a list of email addresses for the board members and the district superintendents. You can also cc Todd Blanset and Brenda Hensley. This is a great way to get our voices heard while these important negotiations are happening, but also keep in mind that this is about our students too.

Mark France – Vaca Pena Middle School

Board Members:








District Superintendents:


Ed Santopadre, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services –

Sasha Begell, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Options & Supports –

Kelly Burks, Assistant Superintendent –

Chris Hulett, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Manolo Garcia, Director of Human Resources –

Rep. Council Agenda for 10/20/20

Oct. 20, 2020 by Zoom

  1. Approval of the minutes 
  2. Approval of the agenda  
  3. President’s Report: Lisa Cuisi
  4. Treasurer’s report: Brenda Hensley  
  5. Bargaining: Brenda Hensley
  6. Grievance: Lisa Cusi

 7) Committee/Chair Reports

-Equity Team: Alyson Brauning  

-Member Engagement: Alyson Brauning 

-Labor Council: Corey Penrose

-Action: Corey Penrose  

-PAC: Corey Penrose & Ariel Ray (PAC treasurer) 

-Special Ed: Open   

-Leave Bank: Christine Williams

– Membership: Tracy Begley

8) New and continuing business: 

9) Conference reports

10) Other: 

– Adjournment 

Reopening Bargaining update #4

Click here to download the update!

Just in case you might not remember how to add a new class into Google Classroom, follow these steps.

Step 1: Log-in to Aeries. You should see a similar image to the one below (just with more “Add Website” options). Click “Add Website” for your 2nd period class.  

Step 2: The following image will pop-up, then click “Create”. It will take about 30 seconds or so to load to create the new class and add all of your students.

Step 3: Go to Google Classroom and you should see your new class added! Click Accept. It might take a few more minutes for all of your students to load into the new class.  I recommend that you rename the class with the period number before proceeding to steps 1 & 2 again for periods 4 and 6.

That’s it, folks!

Reopening Bargaining update #3

Click here to download the update!

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