Message from the CTA President, Eric Heins

This week, as we count our blessings and give thanks for our family and friends, I’m asking you to consider those in our CTA family who have recently experienced amazing loss and trauma from the deadliest wildfires in California’s history. Many lost homes, classrooms, entire schools. Some lost friends, neighbors and pets. 

As the smoke settles and people get the first glimpse of what remains, what is clear is that our union brothers and sisters need our support. There’s a long road ahead, but they will not have to do it alone. 

Please consider donating this holiday season so that educators who lost their homes feel the love and know that they are part of a family that takes care of one another. 

Here’s how you can help!

•   We visit the fire zone and a makeshift classroom in the days following the Butte County fire!

•   Educators drive students to safety 
•   CTA Disaster Relief Fund is here for those that need it

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Eric Heins

Bargaining Update #3

Bargaining update #3

Help victims of the Camp Fire!

Members helping members during the Camp Fire

In addition to the town itself being leveled by the fire, Paradise has lost 2 of its schools (waiting for confirmation on the full count). Our teachers, bus drivers, aides, and more worked to save their students. For those interested in helping the educators affected by the fire, you can mail a check or gift cards, or donate to the GoFundMe run by the President of Chico Unified Teachers Association: 

In response to such an overwhelming need, our Vice-President, Alyson Brauning, and the president of the Napa Valley Education Association, Gayle Young, traveled to Chico with emergency supplies.

Vacaville Teachers Association Vice-President, Alyson Brauning, unloading supplies!

Alyson delivering supplies to CTA Staff Consultant Jennifer Tarabochia so they can be shared with fire victims

From left to right, CTA Staff Consultant Jennifer Tarabochia, VTA Vice-President Alyson Brauning, and NVEA President Gayle Young


If you rent, you need renters insurance!

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