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VTA reimbursement forms – UPDATED

Hello folks!

What does VTA reimburse when you attend a conference?

-Registration Fees for the conference (may be reimbursed prior to attending if needed*)

-Airfare (or mileage equivalent to economy airfare) for conferences far away (may be reimbursed prior to attending if needed*)

-Parking at venue and/or airport (if flying)

-Mileage to and from venue OR mileage to and from airport

-Round-trip shuttle between airport and venue


-Maximum of $80 per day is reimbursable

-When conference provides a meal, you may not be reimbursed for that meal

-When conference provides a partial day of meals, the breakdown of meal maximum reimbursement for meals not provided is as follows:

-Breakfast: $15

-Lunch $25

-Dinner $45

-Other travel charges, like bridge tolls

-$6 per day maximum in portage (tips for luggage handling, housekeeping, etc.)

* any pre-payments made shall be returned/paid back to VTA if the member does not attend the conference

If you go to a CTA conference and need reimbursement for hotels and food, you will need this form

If you go to a short CTA conference and need reimbursements, you will need this form

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