From President Todd…

We’ve been going a few weeks now and I hope your year is smoothly rolling along. Here’s a few announcements and reminders.

1. Class sizes should be stabilized by now and they should be under the following limits.

            Grades TK-3: 30 students

            Grades 4-6: 32 students

            Grades K-6 Combo Classes: 30 students

            Secondary grades: 177 students (not including TA’s and AT’s)

            Classes such as music, PE, and special ed. have their own limits and they are listed in Article 9 of the contract.  If you are over these limits please contact your principal and your counsellor.

2. In the Frontline sub. program (which used to be called Aesop) the classifications for the types of leave don’t match our contract right now.  Personal Leave is listed as “Sick Leave” and Personal Option Leave is listed as “Personal Necessity”.  The administration is working to change this.

3. Open enrollment is early this year.  It starts Sept. 9th and ends October 4th.  So if you need to make a non-emergency change to your medical coverage, it should happen during those times.  This is also when you can join the Personal Leave Bank if you’d like to.

4. You should have gotten your first paycheck and your Goldenrod form by now. Please double check that your Years and Column are correct.  They should be listed under “Assignment Information” and if you are a teacher it should say something like “TEACHERS 18/6”.  The “18” is the number of years worked and the “6” is the column on the pay scale you are on.  Check it against the current pay scale here  If you have a Master’s Stipend or a Doctoral Stipend it is listed below in “ADDITIONAL EARNINGS INFORMATION.”

Take care everyone and if you have questions about these things check with your rep. (most all sites have them by now) or other VTA officers.

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