Exec Board Agenda for 5/21/13

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Exec Board Agenda

May 21, 2013

Cooper School library 3:30 P.M

*Special visit from John Niederkorn and possibly Ken Jacopetti – Time TBD

1)    – Approval of the minutes


2)    – Approval of the agenda


* Bargaining (Brenda Hensley)


3)    – President’s Report


4)    -Treasurer’s Report


5)    -Chair Reports


Action (Corey Penrose)

Human Rights (Alyson Brauning)

Women’s Issues (Tricia Cowen)

Grievance (Sylvia Aquino)

PAC ( Dawn Kelly)

Special Ed ( Tammy Parker)

Membership ( Julie Timmerman)

6)    –Business

-Reflect/Look ahead- discussion of past practice and future goals

– Meeting dates for 2013-14 discussion


7)  -Other

8)  -Adjournment

CTA Commends Governor for Providing Funding For Common Core Implementation

BURLINGAME – The following statement was released by California Teachers Association President Dean E. Vogel today in reaction to Gov. Jerry’s Brown’s May Revision of the 2013-14 state budget:

“We commend Governor Jerry Brown today for keeping public education a priority in his May revision of the state budget. Allocating $1 billion to help local school districts implement the Common Core State Standards is great and welcome news for California’s students. The money is much needed to provide training, professional development, textbooks and materials. The transition to the Common Core Standards will dramatically impact how teachers teach. Educators must have the support and resources they need in order for the new standards to be implemented effectively.

“CTA continues to support the goals of Gov. Brown’s proposed Local Control Funding Formula as we believe that every student is entitled to educational equality and appreciate the recognition that it costs more money to educate students with higher needs. We will review the proposed changes and will continue to work with the governor and legislators to ensure all concerns are addressed, including accountability, use of accurate data in determining funding levels and timing of implementation. We look forward to having many more discussions in the next few weeks as the state budget is finalized.”

VTA scholarship form – please fill one out!

Scholarship application form for the Vacaville Teachers Association

If you didn’t receive one of these in your mailbox, please fill it out and send it to payroll!


Bargaining report #5


The VTA/CTA/NEA 13-14 Bargaining Update

Issue #5

May 10, 2013



The VTA and VUSD teams met on May 10, 2013.

VTA: Brenda Hensley, Kent Puddy, Kim Campbell, Gary Masterson, Todd Blanset,

Lynne Grow & Moira McSweeney

VUSD: Randy Henry, Ed Santopadre, David Robertson Christie Cochran, & Kari Sousa



The District responded to a VTA request for information related to the Local Control Funding Formula proposed by the Governor in January. The District provided information regarding this formula and estimated funding levels to the VTA team.


The teams agreed to meet after the May Revise, but did not set a firm date.

Rep Council Meeting Minutes for May 7th 2013

Rep Council meeting minutes

Jepson library

May 7, 2013  3:30-4:53

Members present – Ginny Miller, Julie Timmerman, Diane Dahl, Judy Schneider, Sofia Felix, Jennifer Brown, Debbie Cavanaugh, Moira McSweeney, Julie McGee, Russ Tucker, Stephanie Munzinger, Sharon Riehl, Helen Blood, Miranda Merino, Linda Phelan, Bob Blaine, Todd Blanset, Christine Williams, Cathy Valdez, Brenda Hensley, Sylvia Shepard, Lili Fisher, Gary Eisenberg, Kathleen Steiert, Carolyn Thomas, Katherine Epstein, Chris Fickes, Samantha Maunder, Mark Richardson, Tracy Begley, Sylvia!, Aja Cook, Corey Penrose, Larry Baker

Members absent – Lenore Hubal, Dawn Waid, Tom Kutz, Tom Buck, Suzi Morgan, Joy Holleran, Alyson Brauning

Site concerns:

Elementary – there were some questions about transfer language and contract proposals regarding prep time for parent conferences and report cards.

Junior High – none

High School – there were some questions about the shifting of meeting times once the current contract expires.

1) – Approval of the minutes – the minutes were approved.

2) – Approval of the agenda – the agenda was approved.

3) – Business – none

4) – President’s report – Moira reported on the following:

Transfer language – there have been some discussions with VUSD about contract language regarding member reassignments due to reconfiguration of grade levels at elementary sites.  Article 7.4 will be followed and a displaced pool will be held.  The process/procedures for this were reviewed by Moira.  The pool will likely be held on May 16th at the ESC.

Pay docking due to POL usage – is an ongoing problem. There are Labor Law regulations on this that are being discussed with the District.  Moira and Sylvia will meet with the district on Thursday in an effort to resolve this issue. Some questions about this process were taken.

Safety committee – suspension and expulsion reports should be coming to VTA members on a weekly basis.  If they are not being sent, talk with your site administrator and let Moira know.

Site administrators will also review student intervention protocols. There will be during duty day trainings on Crisis Prevention Intervention techniques for the 13-14 school year.  There will also be access to an electronic student yearbook for member access.  The report also finished with a reminder about reporting serious threats or injuries and VUSD reimbursement forms for member property which is damaged at school.

Day of the Teacher – is tomorrow at Murillos at four pm, come on by!

The report finished with a commendation to Fairmont for pulling together during their challenging time and some questions about Saturday School detention.  Members are eligible for comp time if you participate in this and other programs.  For more information, see section 3.8.1 of the contract.

5) – Treasurer’s report – Brenda reported on the following:

The treasurer’s report – was reviewed and approved.

The proposed budget – for 13-14 was reviewed and approved.

6) – Committee/Chair reports:

Action – covered the following topics:

AFL/CIO – VTA is entitled to six delegates in the Napa/Solano labor council and we’ll hold an election in the fall to fill the slots.  Corey will also be attending a conference this month on this topic so he’ll be able to do a better job of discussing this topic when rep council reconvenes in the fall.

American Cancer Society – VTA facilitated collaboration between the American Cancer Society and VUSD to use VUSD facilities for the ACS survey this fall.

Google glifs – will drop off once google updates our search entry.

Projects from the organizing academy – were reviewed and discussed.

Last VTA newsletter – the first article request will be sent on Friday and the last copy of the newsletter will be sent on May 17th.

Bargaining – Brenda, after reviewing the bargaining reports on vacateachers.org, reported that VUSD did not deliver a monetary proposal for the 13-14 school year.  She also talked about the LCFF changes and how they might impact this bargaining session.

Grievance – Sylvia reported that she’s been working on various personnel issues and reminded members to be sure to set an appropriate tone in the classroom and in conversations on campus.

Human Rights – none

Women’s Issues – none

PAC – none

Special Ed – none

Leave Bank – none

Membership – none

7) – Conference reports

Sylvia Shepard reported on the Organizing Academy.

Sylvia Aquino reported on the Redwood leadership conference.

8) – Other

The VTA WHO award was given to Christine Williams!

Richard Bammer received a journalism award from CTA, it will be given on May 31st.

Thank you to Larry Baker for your years of service!

9) – Raffle

25 dollar staples card – Linda Phelan

15 dollar subway card – Helen Blood

10) – Adjournment – the meeting was adjourned at 4:53 pm

Respectfully submitted, Corey Penrose

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